Dear WVPAC 2023 attendee,

Is pleased to offer 15 grants for the participation of Young Scientists under 40 years old to attend the XXIInd World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) Congress covering Oral Presenter registration fee.
To apply for SIPA registration grants you must have received the acceptance of your abstracts as Oral Communication first, and complete the application form here attached returning it to within April 15th 2023.
In case of equal score, final recipients will be selected on the basis of age criteria, giving priority to younger candidates.

For further information:


WVPA – World Veterinary Poultry Association

WVPA travel grants information are available at WVPA

WVPA registration grants

Dear WVPA member and future WVPAC 2023 attendee,

The World veterinary Poultry Association is pleased to offer 15 grants (750 euros each) to support participation to the forthcoming WVPAC2023 in Verona, Italy.
Grants are intended to assist members to attend meetings which, without the grant, they would not be able to do. Grant applications are welcome until 15th June 2023, and must be submitted on the official form (available online at

Please note that application forms should be forwarded to WVPA through your WVPA national branch corresponding secretary (list available at, or if there is none directly to WVPA secretariat (

Applications will be analyzed by WVPA executive committee and reply given not later than 30th June 2023. Please note that in the case of repeated applications, the WVPA reserve the right to offer a reduced grant.
Grants for attendance at WVPA meetings will only be paid personally to the recipient at the meeting.

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